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Review: Medicated Coconut Oil

By October 29, 2014 No Comments

I have successfully used only medical cannabis (no pills) for the past 5 years for a chronic pain condition. I recently had the opportunity to experience the healing powers of Mother’s Medicated Coconut Oil. The non-medicated version of this superfood is shelved at every health food store in LA, as well as at Mother Nature’s Remedy in Van Nuys, CA. Having used it regularly as a food product, sans cannabis, for some time, and very much in need of relief for deep muscle pain, I was eager to try the organic medicated version available at my favorite collective, MNR Coop.

For the uninitiated, coconut oil is an amazing benefit to any healthy, balanced diet. For health reasons, I began following a vegan diet this year and lost a good amount of weight. However, my diet was apparently lacking in vital healthy fats which coconut oil easily provides, so I’ve used it for cooking & baking and even by the spoonful for a few months. I began to look healthier and saw improvement in my skin, nails and hair. I even replaced lotions, chemical sunscreens and makeup remover with organic virgin coconut oil and my skin has never felt softer.

I usually prefer smoking my medicine, but edibles are a huge benefit from time to time, especially when pain keeps me up at night. Needless to say, with uncountable health benefits and numerous beauty applications, and made using only organic virgin cold pressed coconut oil and cannabis, Mother’s Medicated Coconut Oil seems to be a miracle product from the “tree of life”. I had to give it a try.

Around 9 pm one Saturday night, I had half a teaspoon of the fragrant, green nectar, stirred into a hot cup of tea. Within an hour of drinking the tea, and after a small meal, I began to feel very sedated. My muscles were completely relaxed, my mind and pulse calm, and my speech slurred. I enjoyed a blissful night of restful sleep from around 11 pm to 8 am, and awoke feeling relaxed, refreshed and ready for a productive day. I was able to work in the garden for hours the following day, with the aid of some Organic Sweet OG, also from MNR Coop.

I now use the oil a few times a week to help me sleep, and I love it. The taste is pleasant, and the resulting relief, amazing. I also use it topically on scars and have noticed recognizable fading of unwanted marks. It also makes a heavenly massage oil on sore muscles. They say it can be used anywhere on or in the body. It’s also great in coffee! I find the caffeine balances the sedation perfectly.

Some additional info to make the case for this cure: coconut oil itself consists of over 90% healthy saturated fat. Unlike saturated animal fats, Coconut oil saturated fat contains essential building blocks for cells, and healing medium-chain triglycerides. Coconut Oil contains no cholesterol. Coconut oil also contains nourishing antioxidants that are vital to internal health. Coconut oil can increase hair growth, and leaves hair shiny and soft. Simply massage into hair for several minutes or for deeper conditioning, leave on in the sun or overnight. Rinse with water, shampoo optional, conditioner unnecessary.

Combined with organic Cannabis, Mother’s Medicated Coconut Oil tastes great in tea, coffee, smoothies or with food! It is a wonderful muscle relaxer for those in pain, the perfectly potent, soothing sleep aid, and a calming intervention for patients in need of relief. Used anywhere in or on the body, it’s a smooth, delicious multipurpose healing gift from Mother Nature!




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