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Healing the Natural Way

By November 11, 2014 No Comments

We at MNR Cooperative truly believe cannabis to be Mother Nature’s remedy, that’s why we curate the best possible selection of beautiful buds, extracts, organic edibles, medicated superfoods, cannabis infused teas & tinctures, topical marijuana products, and much more for our beloved members. We wanted to take a moment to introduce you to some of our most innovative, all natural selections to help you heal yourself, and to address some simple, natural ways you can enhance your health and vitality.

For many people, the day doesn’t really begin until that first cup of coffee or tea. We enjoy not just the effects of herbs and caffeine, but also the ritual of savoring precious morning moments with each sip. Reflecting into our warm cups, in the early morning haze, is a beautiful opportunity to ready ourselves for the day ahead. At MNR Coop we offer a variety of enhancements to your morning routine, depending on your individual needs. Our line of teas includes an invigorating Yerba Mate and an Energy green tea that provide our members with a medicated jump start. For additions to smoothies, try our amazing medicated cold pressed hemp seed oil! This superfood is one of the world’s most beneficial sources of vital omega fatty acids. We also carry a variety of cannabis infused tinctures, oils, and honey that can be taken alone or added to food or beverages, and we are one of the world’s only collectives offering frozen organic cannabis juice! Cannabis juice has been shown to reduce the effects of cancerous cells, and to be a source of powerful antioxidants. Rich in THCA, Mother’s Organic Cannabis juice is available now in our freezer at MNR Coop.

If smoking or vaporizing your medicine works best for you, you’ll find our selection of hand picked indica, sativa and hybrid strains to satisfy your needs. We test a variety of our strains and other medicated products with The Werc Shop, screening each for potency, quality and safety. We are known for our house strains, including Hit It Once and Best in the West, as well as Mother’s Organic Sweet OG, Banana OG and many more. Our pre rolled joints are made from some of our best buds, and we provide a wide variety of hash, wax and shatter for those patients who need extra high potency. We also have many CBD products including Shaman’s Nectar and Rick Simpson Oil. We specialize in working with your individual needs to customize an MMJ regiment that works for you. We also work with skilled growers, herbalists, naturopaths, scientists and wellness experts to offer some of the world’s most innovative medical cannabis selections.

A restful night’s sleep may be one of the most effective health remedies known, yet for many, it is not easily accomplished. Whether you need help with insomnia, pain management, stress, anxiety, or other concerns, MNR Cooperative is pleased to provide a variety of solutions. Our medicated coconut oil is a powerful superfood sedative and relaxant that is perfect for bedtime. A teaspoonful, or even just half, in herbal tea will help you drift off into a peaceful slumber, and provides essential cell-building blocks. Our potent indica selection includes LSD, Herojuana and Ingrid, as well as many other varieties.

If you are interested in speaking with one of our cooperative team members about your individual regiment, please visit us today! Your wellness is our compassion. We look forward to being of service to you.



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