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Dylan’s Cancer Care

By January 6, 2015 No Comments

Happy 2015!

Many of us have made New Year’s resolutions to improve ourselves and our lives, but what about resolving to do something to help save the life of another? We at MNR Coop are a family oriented team, and we are writing today to let you know how you can help save a sweet little boy’s life.

Dylan is an amazing 2 1/2 year old who has been fighting cancer most of his life.  He has inoperable brain tumors and has exhausted the prescribed 60 week protocol of chemotherapy.  Upon the end of chemo treatment, MRI showed new tumor development. The Neuro-oncologist said Dylan would likely need chemo, or this time possibly radiation, further down the line.

After much research and many tears, Dylan’s mother found hope in a new experimental method of treating, or killing, the cancer, without all the toxic effects of chemo. These new meds are not covered by insurance and they are expensive, but it’s believed they will be able to shrink these tumors and kill the cancer. The tumors have left Dylan legally blind. The chemo caused side effects, and there is an almost certain risk of late-term side effects to watch out for such as neurological developmental delays; heart, lung, kidney failure; secondary cancers like leukemia, or bone cancer; endocrine problems; etc.

To assist Dylan with his cognitive development, visual adaptability, physical and speech development, he has 5 different therapy specialists that come to the house every week. Due to his compromised immune system, Dylan cannot attend day care or preschool.  He hasn’t been on a play date, ever. Unfortunately,  all of his treatments, therapies, and sick days has limited his mother’s time to work and earn the much needed income to keep up with his medical expenses. That is why we are reaching out to you on behalf of his mother today.

Dylan’s dedicated mother has set up a fundraising effort in Dylan’s name to help offset the rising costs of his medical care, transportation,  and specifically the medications not covered by insurance. She works very hard to continue to stay positive for her son, as the bills are mounting each week. Please consider helping Dylan. It’s a tough road ahead, and any prayers, emotional or financial support are really appreciated. Every little bit helps. If you cannot give, please be sure to share our fundraiser.

If you would like to learn more, or participate in this fundraiser, visit

Also, please feel free to contact any manager at MNR Coop, and please join us as our hearts and hands go out in service.


Thanks in advance for your support!




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