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Strain Review: Platinum Cookies!

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Strain Review: Platinum Cookies!

I recently had the opportunity to curate the cannabis selections for a gourmet Italian dinner with medical marijuana pairings up in Carmel.  What a fantastic evening;  patients were treated to a 6 course vegetarian meal prepared by a popular restauranteur & local chef.  Each course included a cannabis strain pairing designed to enhance the culinary experience,  topped off with MNR’s medicated chocolate sorbet!  We enjoyed an evening of laughter, delicious food & wine,  and impressive cannabis.  Feedback from the event was so enthusiastic that they hope to offer this experience to a wider patient audience sometime in the future.

Having tested a variety of strains in advance of the event,  a clear winner for me was the MNR Platinum Cookies.  I just had to take a moment to share this beautiful strain with you!

This Cannabis Cup winning strain was paired with dessert – homemade crispy chocolate chip biscotti and tiramisu, with a choice of teas or fresh, hot espresso.  We also served our delicious medicated chocolate sorbet as the crowning touch to a tasteful night.

With each pairing, a large red wine glass filled with the flowers of choice was passed around for guests to see and experience the aromas of the strains.  The crystal covered buds were a spectacular sight;  Platinum Cookies has a slightly piney, fruity smell.  A dry pull on a rolled joint treated my palate to a sweet,  fruity flavor.  We sparked our joints of the delectable Cookies just before dessert was served,  savoring the sweet aroma and flavor.

The tiramisu was like an angel had made it.  Light,  fluffy and sweet,  it went perfectly with the Platinum Cookies for this final course.  I don’t typically drink much coffee but I was feeling adventurous,  so after some of the best biscotti of my life (or maybe the best cannabis) I ordered an espresso and poured it over my perfect portion of medicated chocolate sorbet,  affogato style.  Heaven!


I would recommend Platinum Cookies to anyone looking to experience relaxation.  I feel it melts anxiety and stress away almost instantly.  I find that I am able to maintain full functionality while using this strain.  It also provided pleasing appetite stimulation and seemed to enhance the flavors of food.  I think it would be a wonderful remedy for nausea or headaches as well.  It is uplifting but not really buzzy,  instead it provides me with a euphoric relaxation perfect for enjoying a nice meal or some downtime.

Visit MNRCoop and enjoy some Platinum Cookies and medicated chocolate sorbet of your own!  Wishing everyone a good week. 🙂